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Explaining Hertz:

How can I earn money with Hertz ?

  • In order to earn, you will have to purchase Hertz either from a contract or an exchange.

  • You can always check the contract versus the exchange to see how many tokens you will get to make the best and the cheapest decision.

  • Arbitrage between the exchanges and a contract is expected, and it is also a way to earn the money.

  • Each time someone transfers a token or uses a contract to exchange it for other currency, 2% fee remains shared with everyone.

  • More tokens you own, more money will be allocated to you, while contract is independent and without an owner.

  • Token becomes more expensive with every time 2% fee is applied and therefore always increases in the price.

How is the stability achieved ?

  • Hertz is an add-on to Ethereum or any other coin and therefore it is stable in respect to a coin it is added onto.

  • Stability is achieved by enabling the Hertz user to exchange their coins within a contract.

  • Ability to exchange within a contract ensures that no exchange will be used for a price manipulation.

  • The 2% fee, as voted by the community, ensures that the price is always rising.

  • The limited supply of 2100 HZ is introduced to enable the traders to sell Hertz beyond its contract worth.

  • When exchanged or when a 2% fee is applied, Hertz is burned and can be bought back again from a contract until 21000 HZ is reached again.

How secure is Hertz ?

  • Hertz is built on a multi-billion dollar network (Ethereum) whose main purpose is to provide secure smart-contracts and fast and cheap transactions.

  • Hertz is decentralized and based on a Block-Chain technology, meaning, there is no authority behind it.

  • Security depends on user's ability to store and hide the private keys.

  • Hertz has no owner and therefore the money cannot be taken by anyone else other than user who interacted with a contract.

  • Hertz code is simple and clean, and therefore has no errors.

  • Hertz is open-source, transparent, and available for anyone to inspect the functions.

Miscellaneous Hertz explanations

  • There are multiple versions of Hertz. HZ is Ethereum stable, DHZ is USD stable, BTCHZ is BTC stable, LHZ is to be announced.

  • Any other versions of Hertz were not made by Hertz and therefore, please take the greatest caution with such projects.

  • Always confirm the contract ID and the web-page you are visiting.

  • We need multiple versions in order to suit the needs for many people with different investment potentials.

  • We are using the Metamask as the simplest and the most secure way of interacting with the Ethereum contract.

  • You may interact with the contract using other wallets as well.